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Exciting Coin Shooting Egg Breaking with Pachinko Style Battle!

Breaking eggs explode into fireworks of coin bursts & prize drops! Coin showers ensue & watch mesmerized as coins bounce around flying eggs & you rack up damage points on the flying eggs… until they break into more hypnotic fireworks of coin bursts & prize drops!

Tama Curio

Big coins exploding from broken eggs bounce off multiple eggs, changing the coin’s path to the bottom. Aim & shoot coins carefully as the flying eggs are constantly flying around too! Make use of the bouncing coins to damage more eggs & to save you some coin shots!

The prize catcher is moving too! Be sure to time your coin shots so the coins & prizes drop into your prize catcher! Beware, coins & prizes that drop outside the catcher are lost forever.

Surprises Await with Every Flying Egg You Break Open
There are many beautiful flying Eggs to discover! Break open different flying Eggs to discover different rewards! Different types of bonuses from Bonus Eggs shake things up, giving you coin walls, rapid shots, damage points multiplier, bigger catchers… there’s much more to discover!

Ninja Up

But remember! Your ultimate quest is to encounter flying Curios Eggs to catch every Curios to complete your collection!

Unlock Many Special Worlds by Catching Curios
Collect Curios to unlock new Special Rainbow Worlds with new backgrounds, flying Eggs & discover more Curios! Be sure to stock up on your Rainbow coins as the special worlds only allow Rainbow coins for shooting!

Challenge Special Worlds using Rainbow Coins as the Master Coin Shooter
Do you have what it takes to be the best Master Coin Shooter of all? Travel through magical worlds to battle it out with unique flying eggs to be the best coin shooter! Spin the lucky wheels to decide your fortune. Win rainbow coins & build up your treasures of rainbow coins & battle it out with Special Worlds’ Curios Eggs. Break them to catch the Curios within, to become the Master Coin shooter with the most Curios collection!

Fat Bird

A Coin Arcade Machine Game with Tons of Free Coins
Don’t worry if you run out of golden coins or rainbow coins! Check back later for more Golden coins. You can get more Rainbow coins from Lucky spin games! Tama Curios is fun for kids, adults & seniors! Get your friends to play & catch them all together!

Here are some ways to get coins:

  • Break Eggs: Catch coin drop by shooting coins & breaking surprise eggs
  • Leveling up: Get more free coins as you level up
  • Selling Curios: You can also sell Curios for coins
  • Super Lucky Spin: A chance to get a free spin when you catch a Curio.
  • Daily Lucky Spin: Get a Lucky Wheel Spin everyday for free!
  • Special Lucky Spin: Play multiple times a day for free lucky wheel spins.
Tama Curios

A Unique Coin Arcade Machine Experience
Going to arcades, circuses & carnivals, exchanging quarters for the chance to grab toys & prizes with claw machines, earning tickets & coins with coin pushers, or playing pinballs & pachinko for high scores, Tama Curios combines the experiences of all these games into one coin arcade gaming experience!


  • More than 60 Curios monster toys to collect!
  • Catch Curios to unlock new Worlds!
  • Many worlds to play in with different Curios, Backgrounds & Eggs!
  • Simple to play with 1 hand!
  • Earn lucky wheel bonuses for playing every day!
  • Earn lucky wheel bonuses for playing multiple times a day!
  • Huge variety of bonuses and effects!

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